Referrals Pay

Legal Disclaimer:

REFERRALS PAY™ is part of the Captain Vancouver Real Estate Network (collectively "Us" or "We"), is a Marketing Company that provides a confidential lead generation ‘referral’ program for the Public (collectively “Tipsters”) to confidentially refer qualified leads ( “Referral Customers”) to REALTORS® ( “REALTOR® Partner”) Tipsters provide us with qualified leads using our proprietary online submission system that they sign up with. We assure all Tipsters of complete confidentiality. We in turn provide these qualified referrals to licenced REALTORS® who partner with us (“REALTOR® Partners”). For leads that turn to listings, our REALTOR® partners pay a referral fee to REFERRALS PAY at closing or they pay an ‘Opt-out’ administration fee of equal value. We then provide a portion of that same referral fee/opt-out fee to the Tipster for the agreed upon amount.

Tipsters are not identified to the REALTORS® and the referral fee disclosure is made out to REFERRALS PAY. REALTORS® are never left in an embarrassing situation of having to reveal who gave them the tip because they simply do not know while the Opt-out administration fee allows even greater confidentiality.

Referrals Pay (collectively "Us" or "We") is a private lead generation and referal company. Read Disclaimer